You Are Worthy



You are Worthy.

I can not tell you how incredibly powerful setting your intentions is. Matching the energy of your desires in order to meet them. 

Today I had a wonderful reminder of how I am sabotaging my outcome with my limiting  beliefs from a wonderful woman who was calling a spade a spade. Oh how I love the truth, it can slap you in the face but sometimes that’s what you need.

I know that it is our choices and then our actions that create results and I have been playing around with my choices recently to see what results I could create.

Let me give you a personal example. I have let my health slip over the past few years sighting all sorts of lame excuses even convincing myself that i didn’t care if I didn’t feel 100%.Who was I kidding, right. Anyway I have been getting back on my bike after many years off it (that in itself is another story and one I’ll share with you another time) and I was fumbling around in my mind looking for an excuse not to go for my ride this morning when the reminder  of actions create results crossed my mind. “It is the actions that you take today that create the results in the future.” So I got on my bike and went for a ride and whilst I was on my bike I took the time to enjoy the view but I also made an effort to focus on my thoughts (I’ve always been a bit of a walking meditator) and it dawned on me and this actually surprised me as I thought my subconscious was telling me something else all this time but the reality is that I have not been feeling worthy. 

Part of the worthiness for me is in receiving. I’m great at giving to others but I’m not strong on receiving. I decided this morning on my ride that I would be open to receiving. 

After my ride I popped into my local coffee shop for a cup of tea and this is where the magic happened.

The barrister came over to me with a small box and opened it, inside was a pink tea pot.  I had been admiring them the other day and he said he would like to give it to me as a gift for being a lovely  and regular customer. I was floored and nearly in tears, what a beautiful gesture. Then when I left he handed me some of the rose tea I love as he thought id enjoy it with my new pot. 

OMG talk about manifesting and matching the energy of what I was wanting. Only one hour before I had opened myself  to receiving and here I was being given a beautiful gift.

This highlights how powerful our minds are ,how we need to be extremely mindful of how we use them and I am grateful to Lyn who reawakened me today with a few words of truth. I received her message I set the intention I matched the vibration I took action and I also achieved a result.

You can easily do the same. What will you choose today?



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