This was the second workshop of Amanda’s I have attended after being blown away by her psychic ability in a private session with her. The fact that Amanda is so willing to teach us how to tap into our own psychic gifts demonstrates just how genuine Amanda is. 

The workshop was challenging and fun and I came away knowing that I DO have some ability and wanting to explore it further. Thanks so much Amanda!

– Vikki, Australia


Amanda’s workshops challenge boundaries and self-doubts, encourages us to step outside our comfort zone. The universe responds; if we believe more than we think and can do more than we imagine. I’ve done two workshops with Amanda and loved them both.

– Annah, Australia


Amanda Candy is gifted at what she does. The Amanda Method is also brilliant! I had some immediate shifts following a recent session. Same day. Major All positive. Other elements also in motion… DO IT!
– Krishna, Australia


Amanda has 2 phenomenal gifts:
1. Her ability to psychically connect with the Angelic & spiritual realms
2. Her ability to empower others to do the same!!

Amanda has helped me hugely in developing my gifts & providing tools to help me grow. Through the exercises in her workshops I have learned to just trust the messages that I receive & also empower myself on my own journey.

I would recommend anyone wanting to develop their psychic gifts to attend Amanda’s workshops – you will feel very blessed & grateful that you did!!

– Sharon, Australia


Amanda Candy is a truly gifted coach and mentor. I have had the pleasure of experiencing her coaching style, which I found to be very clear, focussed and insightful. She holds the space for discovery with gentle firmness and compassion. As well as, understands you have challenges and doesn’t judge you for your failings.

Rather she supports you through the journey of self-discovery where you can acknowledge your strengths and talents, pinpointing the areas you need to outsource or where you need to seek assistance. Honing in on your most relevant and urgent areas of attention and application she helps you to prioritise and form an action plan. Amanda doesn’t forget you’re there and holds you accountable to follow through.

Amanda has a lovely energy about her that challenges and supports you in a safe place. She assists you to cut through the clutter and confusion with clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend you have Team Amanda working with you to point you to Success Street!

– Carol, Australia


Well I finally did it! I took myself off to my first ever networking thingy this morning. Thought I was being so clever choosing one that I thought I wouldn’t have to get up and speak at… “There’ll be lots of people there, there won’t be time for everyone to do an elevator speech as it’s only an hour & a half including breakfast and a guest speaker blah blah…”, until I got there and heard that in fact everyone does stand up and speak at these things! Bugger!

Funnily enough I didn’t immediately feel like running out the door and never setting foot in one of these events again. I was relieved to hear that each person only had 10 seconds in which to speak…. I can do that! But sure enough my heart was pounding and I was nervous when my turn actually came. I could have chosen to pass the microphone on to the next person and remain silent but I DID IT! Yay me! And I don’t recall getting all tongue tied so I guess it was ok. Can tick that one off the list now!

Huge thanks to the gorgeous Amanda Candy from Amanda Candy Intuitive Leadership for all your fabulous business coaching last year. You actually got me to this point, step by step building my confidence in myself and what I do. And thank you to Lisle Pryor for the moral support this morning. Just by showing up you made me feel more comfortable. And I sat next to a seasoned pro at this stuff, was great to catch up again after so long Alex Mitchell. So now I’m off to sign up for the next one!”

– Liz, Australia