The Amanda Method Personal Training

The Amanda Method
Personal Training

Be guided and mentored through the entire 10-step process with 3 x personal one:one coaching calls. Amanda’s intuitive coaching session will be tailored specifically to you and your needs, cutting through the clutter and helping you gain clarity.


What you can expect from this coaching package:

Receive 3 x 1 hour sessions over three weeks, either in person or via Skype. Watch The Amanda Method come to life and become a reality for you as I help you along ever step of the way.


Book your 3 sessions and receive the online version of ‘The Amanda Method’ absolutely free!


Amanda Candy is gifted at what she does. The Amanda Method is also brilliant! I had some immediate shifts following a recent session. Same day. Major. All positive. Other elements also in motion… DO IT!”
~ Krishna Everson

The Amanda Method Personal Training
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