How To Experience Travel in Your Own Backyard

I’ve included travel in my blog because it is one of my most favourite things to do and it is my belief that we learn the most about ourselves and others when we step out of our everyday lives and explore this magnificent world of ours. It broadens our minds, captivates our hearts, and expands us in ways that no other thing does.

Not everyone has the opportunity or desire to travel and that’s fine, as I also believe that we can travel in our own backyard and have a similar experience. So if you don’t have an opportunity to travel just yet, or you don’t have the desire but would enjoy an experience of some sort, then travelling in our own backyard can be a lot of fun. It will open your eyes in a way that everything around you becomes fresh again.

So how do you do this?

  1. Take the bus when you usually drive
  2. Walk when you normally catch the bus
  3. Go a different route to work
  4. Leave an hour earlier and go to a different coffee shop or choose different food you wouldn’t normally eat.
  5. Strike up conversations with people you would normally only glance and smile at.Go into a shop you haven’t ever been in compared to where you normally go and feel the difference.


You will begin to notice things you haven’t seen before, and inside you will become alive. There will be a spring in your step and a glint in your eye that was long forgotten.

Travelling alone: forces you to talk to more people, and you are able to really do what you like when you like without having to worry about anyone else. You are open to synchronicity when you travel alone and that’s much of the experience.

Travelling with a companion: allows you to share the experience with someone and that has its definite benefits. It’s also cheaper for accommodation when there are two of you splitting the room costs.

Travelling in a group: takes away a lot of the challenges of doing the research yourself, as most of that will be done for you. It can, however, be quite restrictive if you want to do your own thing.

I have organised a few different retreats and they are a mix of self-development and awakening your senses. Have a look at my website for details of my next retreat, and join me and a group of like-minded people to explore some magical places.

See you soon!

Amanda Candy



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