How To Bring Back Your Zest For Life

Can you remember what you used to enjoy doing when you were younger in your childhood? Did you like to run and climb trees or play with dolls or draw? How did you fill your time when you were not at school? Did you have lots of friends or did you prefer to play on your own? Were you adventurous or shy, preferring to watch what others did? What sports were you involved in? Did you cook or make things?

Close your eyes and remember a happy time when you were younger. It could be when you were mid-twenties, a teenager or younger. Whatever age comes to you is the one to focus on for now. Ask yourself what it was that you liked to do and imagine yourself back there doing whatever it was that came to mind. Fully immerse yourself in the memory as though you are there right now. (If an unhappy experience comes to mind, let it go and look for a happier time. If you don’t have any happy memories then imagine a memory you would like to have and go there instead).

Now write down the memory of what you used to love doing so you don’t forget it. Whilst you are writing it down, I want you to use all of your senses in the description: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and feeling. Bring them all together to make it even more real.

Here’s an example:

With the wind blowing in my face, and strong scent of the salt water in the air, my clothes stick to my skin as I paddle the boat toward the shore. My arms are tired but I felt exhilarated as we are playfully racing to see who gets to shore first.

This memory reminds me of my love for sea-water and being out in nature with friends having fun. It reminds me that when I spend too much time inside I stop feeling alive. So being outside is something that I need to regularly make sure I do.

How to decipher your memory:

It’s quite simple really, choose a memory and from that memory look at what you used to enjoy doing and see if you still do that now. If you do, great! You’re lucky, well done for keeping it up. If you no longer do those things, is it because you no longer wish to or is it something that fell by the way side?

By exploring your past, it can remind you of the things that you love to do. As we get older and life’s responsibilities take over, we often forget what it is that we intrinsically love. We get busy doing what we feel we should be doing instead. By tracking back and recapturing some of those wonderful things we loved to do, we can bring them into our everyday lives and reignite into ourselves those wonderful feelings of being alive and free and spontaneous. Be willing to explore some of what you used to love, as it may open a door you’re longing to walk through.

Get back into doing and bring out your inner child to play!

Amanda Candy



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