You Are Worthy

  You are Worthy. I can not tell you how incredibly powerful setting your intentions is. Matching the energy of your desires in order to meet them.  Today I had a wonderful reminder of how I am sabotaging my outcome with my limiting  beliefs from a wonderful woman who was calling a spade a spade. Oh […]

Empty Nest & All Alone

It takes two to make a baby, even with artificial insemination. In fact, that process takes more than two people! So don’t try to do the empty nest alone. The kids have moved out. For God’s sake, I am on my own! Exactly. They’ve left and you’re feeling a huge void, and that void needs […]

How To Experience Travel in Your Own Backyard

I’ve included travel in my blog because it is one of my most favourite things to do and it is my belief that we learn the most about ourselves and others when we step out of our everyday lives and explore this magnificent world of ours. It broadens our minds, captivates our hearts, and expands […]

How To Bring Back Your Zest For Life

Can you remember what you used to enjoy doing when you were younger in your childhood? Did you like to run and climb trees or play with dolls or draw? How did you fill your time when you were not at school? Did you have lots of friends or did you prefer to play on […]

How To Accumulate Money For You

I hear the words ‘I can’t afford it’ quite often from people who would love to bring exciting new adventures into their lives, however they don’t feel they can afford it. Often this is merely an excuse not to do something. I understand that everyone has legitimate bills and expenses and the cost of living […]

Top 10 Wishes To Bring To Life

So many wishes are put to the wayside and left for ‘later’ in our lives. Then all of sudden it can be too late to accomplish them! So what are your wishes? Really, there is no time like the present to do them or to prepare to do them. Here are 10 suggestions to get […]

Taking Time for Yourself & How To Do It

Now that the kids have left home, you will find that you have much more time on your hands. This can be a new, yet puzzling scenario. While you were caring for your family, it’s common to put your needs behind everyone else’s. Now that you have a bit more free time, it’s time for […]

3 Steps to Letting Go of Anger

One of the best ways to release anger, hurt, fear, resentment, and frustration about something is to write a letter to the person or the situation that has created this feeling. The most effective way to do this is with pen and paper, as it really connects you to the page. However, if you don’t […]

How To Express Yourself Without Rocking The Boat

I have an incredible amount of clients who come to me asking me how to express their feelings without upsetting anyone. Some don’t even remember what their own feelings are anymore, as they have spent so long looking after others and putting themselves last. Yesterday I was talking to a woman who had broken her […]

The Kids Are Gone - So What Next?

Having a purpose in life helps you to have more self-worth. For years you have been raising a family. That has been most of your focus and purpose along with working and being in a relationship. Now that the kids have left home you have more free time and one of the main areas of […]