Gifted Intuitive Leader,
Certified Life Coach
& creator of The Amanda Method.

Over the past 15 years, I have helped many people transcend old patterns and transform their lives. People have described my teaching methods as ‘creative and rhythmic’ and my words as ‘healing’. I use a powerful creative energy that is enhanced by my strong passion for connecting with people. 

“Amanda has a lovely energy about her that challenges and supports you in a safe place. She assists you to cut through the clutter and confusion with clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend you have Team Amanda working with you to point you to Success Street.”

– Carol, Australia


My Experience with Empty Nest Syndrome

Hi, I’m Amanda and I help women between the age of 45-55 through times of life transition such as empty nest, to feel confident in making decisions that are right for them rather than pleasing everybody else.

I too struggled, when my beautiful daughter spread her wings and left the nest. I felt like I was going through a kind of identity crisis as my work as a mother had changed. I’d known that role for so long and it was a real shake-up to my system when she left. I went through a period of not knowing how to keep myself busy, questioning who I really was and what my purpose was in this world. 

It was after some deep inner-exploration that I realised all my life experience, study and natural ability was my life’s work. My natural gifts were so fully entrenched in me that I felt ‘this can’t be it, it’s too easy!’. However, once I stepped into it and owned it, the world around me began to change. 

My mood lifted, I began to feel so much happier within myself and especially when I was helping others in a way I loved. As mothers we are natural nurturers and even though my daughter had left the nest, it didn’t mean I had to stop nurturing. I just had to shift the way that I was doing it, and this was how The Amanda Method was born. 

For so long women have endured times of life transition by themselves. It’s talked about and acknowledged; however when we arrive it can be a very lonely road. This is no longer has to be the case. Now that we have the internet we can share our experiences and seek the right help from the right people no matter where we are in the world. 

The Amanda Method is a 10 Step Process that you can either work through on your own or with me, to help you through this very profound time in your life. 

The biggest mistake I see women make is not asking for help and thinking they can do it on their own. I completely understand that way of thinking, as I’ve been there too! But the fact is, the more we ask for help the easier life becomes. Even now I continue to ask for help in different ways, and have learnt that the secret is you just have to ask the right people. 

So to help you along, the first thing I’d say is to download my 3 Free Steps to The Amanda Method today. Don’t wait any longer and hope that it all just works out. This is a gift for you, because you are special and I believe in you…

Amanda Candy


How I came to be an Intuitive Leader.

My curiosity for self discovery has always been a part of who I am and Intuition is a gift I have always had. Imagine my excitement when I learned I could develop my innate skills further by attending courses, reading books and studying with some of the worlds leaders and then pass this knowledge onto others. 

My journey into self awareness was enhanced by becoming a certified Angel Intuitive with world renowned Doreen Virtue training as a Six Sensory Practitioner with Sonia Choquette, studying Mediumship through Arthur Findlay College  with Tony Stockwell and other leading mediums in the UK and crewing for many Hay house events  in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with facilitators such as Brian Weiss, Robert Holden, Neil Donald Walsh, Lisa Williams. What a wealth of knowledge they bring to the table. 

By using my Intuition, business and life experiences as well as coaching, NLP and train the trainer certifications I have learned to cut quickly through the rubble and am able to receive quick results for my clients assisting then to transcend old patterns and transition into a new way of being almost immediately.

By working with me you’ll learn those skills  for yourself as well.